4 Hottest Drops on the New Apex Legends Map, Olympus

The new Apex Legends map, Olympus, was released on November 4th. By now, a lot of you probably have your own favorite drop spot. But where are the hottest spots, time and time again? Where’s the new Skull Town?

source: Respawn Entertainment

Between Turbine and Hammond Labs

There’s this spot directly in the center of Olympus on top of turbine that has a single building and a bunch of waterslides (yes, waterslides!) that lead down toward Hammond Labs. And, oh man, is that single building on top of Turbine third, fourth and fifth party central! If you go to this spot, get out your R-99 and be ready for that crossfire coming from all directions. Because it’s the center of the map, a lot of squads end up converging there. And it’s so openly visible that it’s easy to see when people are fighting up there, making it a tempting target for nearby squads. Here’s the building I’m referring to:

source: Respawn Entertainment


Estates is, without a doubt, what I’d call the Skull Town of Olympus. There’s tons of tiny buildings all close to each other and open space in the middle and all around. There’s usually some good loot if you get lucky. The main difference between Estates and Skull Town is that Estates has a lot less high ground and more opportunity for sniping and crossfire overall. Estates is also more central than Skull Town, so that means more squads, more third parties and more…fun?


Grow towers is the three rotating towers between Gardens and Solar Array. Lovingly called “The Eggies” by me and my friends, it went from being a best-kept drop secret to a hot and dangerous drop spot. Why dangerous? Well, if you’re not in an egg, you’re out in the open, and let’s be honest, the eggs don’t exactly have a lot of cover in them, either. I find myself crouching behind loot crates, only to get sniped from across the map and then thirded by another party who hears us all the way from Energy Depot. The eggies are a wild spot, but hey, if you can find the elusive Nessie in one of the towers, you’re doing better than most!


Colloquially referred to by many as the “blue ballsack,” Rift is another hot drop spot on Olympus. There’s always at least a few squads going there, mostly because there’s tons of loot and there’s a portal in the middle you can use to relocate yourself across the map. Rift can be dangerous as it’s sometimes hard to hear other squads coming, but with a bit of luck you can outposition the other squads and be the sandwicher instead of the sandwiched.

So there you have it, kids — the four hottest drops on Olympus. Squad up, loot up and good luck out there!

About the Author: Kate Irwin is a content creator, writer and PC gamer. You can find all her social media links here.

Writer, PC gamer and content creator. I have an MFA in writing from Columbia University.

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